“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

Admittedly, we’ve always taken John 3:16 as a salvation scripture. But have we really read it? It’s important for us to program our minds to think and to grasp John 3:16. Let’s move past interpreting this verse as just a salvation Scripture, because it’s more than that. God gave His only begotten Son to us because He loves us. John 3:16 says that once we believe in Jesus, we will not perish. It did not just say we will be born-again or just get saved. In other words, we will not end. It says that if we believe in Jesus, God will give us the God-kind of life, AIONIOS ZOE — a life that is unstoppable, that which can’t be extinguished, and a life that is everlasting.

Zoe Cancels All Our Debts 

Did you know that we can apply God’s life when we have received over our debts? Yes, we can be debt-free if we apply God’s life! And this is literally what Jesus did for us on the cross and in the resurrection. Because Jesus died on the cross and rose again, we now have been given eternal life to cancel out all of our debts in the natural realm and in the spiritual realm — sickness, sin, poverty, and all kinds of debt have been cancelled! God’s life sets us completely free from all our debts! 

Remember that now that we have God’s ZOE, we can now apply it to anything and everything in our life that can be considered as debt. EVERYTHING IS ALREADY PAID FOR BECAUSE OF GOD’S LIFE GIVEN TO US.

Zoe Gives You The Truth To Escape Satan’s Lies

We need to grasp that Satan is always trying to inflict us with sickness because he wants to extract payment from us from things that have already been paid for! All sickness and disease come from Satan but the truth is Jesus already paid for everything! That’s what God’s Word says. Satan wants us to pay for all the things we have done in the past but we must remember that Jesus already cancelled all our debts!

Satan is the greatest liar of all because He is the Father of lies and the accuser of the brethren  (John 8:44). He always tries to make us feel guilty and to accuse us of sins that we’ve committed in the past. He weaves out lies to make us believe that what Jesus did for us is not enough and he schemes all these deceptions so that he can steal from us, destroy us, and kill us. But Jesus came so that we might have LIFE to the full! (John 10:10) Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life — our lives must continually be founded in the truth of who He is and what He has done so that we will not fall for Satan’s schemes and lies. We must never believe Satan’s deceit and lies!  

If we have received God’s life, this everlasting LIFE, we must appropriate its benefits to the fullest. God’s everlasting life will save us, direct us, prosper us, deliver us, and take all bondages from us, direct us, and heal us. When we have everlasting life, we have something that cannot be extinguished and cannot be put out. It is the God kind of life that can literally raise us from the dead! It’s about time we walk in the power of this ZOE in us!

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