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God wants us to have revival today, but we need to know the purpose for this revival. Let’s take a look at Matthew 16:1-3

Then the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and testing Him asked that He would show them a sign from heaven. He answered and said to them, “When it is evening you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red’; and in the morning, ‘It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.’ Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.”

We are currently in the eighth month. God has given us a word and told us that the meaning of the number eight is a new beginning. God has done all He will do until we change to have a new beginning. He is talking about this new beginning this month. God is telling us to make radical changes for a new beginning. God is changing some things in our lives. 

Discern the signs of the times

Let’s focus on these words: discern the signs of the times. In this Scripture, the signs of the times were dealing with Jesus on the earth. When Jesus came on the earth, everything just changed. Through Jesus, God has put flesh on the Word. He has put flesh on His Name. Jesus has come down to the earth where we are now. Jesus’ arrival is the New Testament. There is a radical change when Jesus comes on this earth. In the passage, Jesus was trying to tell the Pharisees and the Sadducees that everything has changed, that we’re in a different place because He has come to earth. For us now, we need to understand that the signs of the times are pointing to Jesus coming back to the earth. 

God is going to add one last thing to the word he has been giving us this year. If you can believe this prophetic word that God will give you, it will empower you to make these radical changes as you give your all in this season. This new dimension, this open door, this revival, God is using our voice nationally. It is all focused on one thing: Jesus is coming back very, very soon. He is going to show us something that is greater than this revival. This is why we’re going to have a new season. This is why we’re going through all these changes. This is such an important time in your life. 

If we believe that Jesus is coming very soon, this will change the decisions that we make about our lives. This will help us change our mindset about our lives. This will help us shift from thinking about the temporal to having our hearts set on eternity. He has chosen us to prepare His way with a revival. 

For us to have a big harvest in America, this is what’s on God’s mind—a massive revival for a huge harvest. First, God wants us to elevate our level of faith. On the next level, it’s not just about revival but about Jesus coming back to this earth. God is showing us that He can use us in a big way—more than we think. 

God is saying: “This is higher than a revival. Get my people to believe this prophetic word. I’m coming back to earth, this is why there needs to be a revival. This is why I need all of your heart. This is why I’m going to use you bigger than you’ve ever been used for my Kingdom.“ 

There are things happening in heaven that would blow your mind. What God is about to do right now, what God will do in one year would take twenty years for somebody. God is about to pour His Spirit out upon all flesh. God is calling some people that have a fire in their spirits and hearts—people that want more and are willing to do everything.

The faith of a new generation 

“And daily in the temple, and in every house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ.”— Acts 5:42

God is pointing us in the direction of this new generation’s level of faith. These people did not cease to teach and preach daily in the temple and in their homes. They were teaching and preaching about the foundation and Jesus Christ. 

Many people think that it’s enough to give their Sundays to God. But, while Sunday is the Lord’s day, we must understand that when it comes to our intimacy and service to God, Monday is just as important as Sunday. God is calling us to a higher place. But there are Christians that read their Bible, they give their money, they do all these wonderful things, but they have these sins in their life. When we look at sin from a spiritual perspective, it is like a fellowship with demons. God wants us to cut off these things in our lives so that we can focus on Him and follow what He wants us to do in this season. We need to eliminate these sins to witness His power, splendor, and glory. This is when we will see revival. 

In the book of Acts, the houses were turned into churches. They didn’t have buildings, but this didn’t stop them from being the church every day in the temple and in their homes. The people did not stop to teach and preach Jesus Christ. These people had a revival. 

In this Latter Rain, this revival is supposed to outdo all the miracles, signs, and wonders we’ve seen in the Bible. In the revival we see in the book of Acts, these people who had spouses, families, homes, and all other belongings took everything they had and sold it. They gave it to the elders and apostles. They lived at a common level. Yet, even if they gave everything they owned, the people were assured that they were being cared for. They were in the temple daily, and in every house, they did not stop teaching about Jesus Christ. They understood that Jesus Christ died for their sins and that they are holding on to an eternal promise more than their temporal life. 

When we have a revival, we will be there every day. When we get our minds right and hear from God, He will use everything in us and for us. When we can see the signs with our radical faith, then we can make it happen. This whole move of God is according to our faith. Your faith is like your eyes. God is asking you to open up your eyes today and look at what He’s saying. See what He’s going to do not with your eyes but with the faith that God has placed in your spirit. 

The key to this word today, if we will begin to see and believe that Jesus is coming back very soon, then our lives will change in a very big way. We must get ready because Jesus is on His way, this is why He tells us to get serious about this revival. 

A door with a word written on it

I would like to tell you what happened in my life. I have tried to make changes in my life since this New Year and I have failed. I have tried over and over again, and I have failed. I cried out to God asking Him why I am failing. I am trying to take advantage of this new season, this new open door, but why am I failing? I’m telling you what happened in my relationship with God this whole year. I’ve been trying to make these efforts. I’ve been trying to do these things and kept failing. But I came back stronger and harder the next time, and I still failed and I did that even more. I gave it my all. I thought I was giving it my all and I failed. This is when God showed me the door written on it. God told me, He said that there is a door that has a word written on it. God showed me my door. The word that He wrote on my door is “ALL.” God said that this word is the only way that you’re going to go through this door. God told me, “You were failing because you were not doing it right. You were not radical enough. You were not giving it your all. I want 100 percent. I am God Almighty and I am worth it. I want it all.” 

Understand this with all your heart. God showed me how intense and passionate He was for me to come to understand that He wants my all. God showed me how I made so many attempts to do what I felt God wanted me to do and I kept failing. And God took me to a higher level. God took me to a higher understanding of where He is at right now. You would be amazed to find out where God is at right now. God is so serious about this season, this dimension, this door, these things that He’s sharing with us, this revival. God wants it all. 

God wants all of our hearts, all of our minds, all of our money, all of our plans—everything. He wants it all. He is God Almighty and He deserves our all. God told me this prophetically: “Give me your all and I will give you my all.” 

He is also saying, “This time in your life is more serious than you think it is. Your actions will tell if you are serious about this moment. I want to use you in a very big way that has not crossed your mind. You do not know the thoughts and the plans that I have for your life right now and for eternity. Just give me your all, your 100 percent, and watch what I will do with you. It will blow your mind.” 

The Lord God showed me our thoughts, dreams, and what we want to achieve in our lives. He showed me that I’m in a church with some radical, crazy Christians that God will take to a higher level. God wants to do more than what you want to accomplish in your life. 

We must do something for God that we have never done before. You should go and do something radical for God. I know the Word of God in my spirit, and I gave the greatest offering I’ve ever given Him. When we give these things and sow, we’re going to reap a harvest. Because I did something radical, I felt I related to God in a way that I’ve never related to Him before. God showed me that the blessing is more than money or any physical return that I’m going to reap from what it is that I’ve sown. 

God wants us to have some encounters that will change our lives. To get real with God is to prepare yourself to have an encounter with God personally. God wants to have a life-changing encounter with you. For you to start this revival, you’ve got to have an encounter with God. His fire will start the revival in your heart. Desire for more of Him in your life. Be willing and ready to give your all to Him and watch Him take you to the next level of faith. He will do it for you! [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]