Righteousness and Justice

The heavens are Yours, the earth also is Yours;
The world and all its fullness, You have founded them.
The north and the south, You have created them;
Tabor and Hermon rejoice in Your name.
You have a mighty arm;
Strong is Your hand, and high is Your right hand.
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;
Mercy and truth go before Your face.

Psalm 89:11-14

In Psalm 89:11, it is stated that the heavens and the earth belong to God, establishing His authority over the entire universe. God declares that He has founded and created them, affirming His ownership. The question then arises: How does God intend to govern this world? According to verse 14, righteousness and justice form the foundation of His throne. These two principles are inseparable and crucial for any nation seeking God’s blessings.

America, for instance, is not experiencing the same level of blessings it once did. A government must prioritize righteousness and justice to align with God’s requirements. They are like twin towers, essential for the functioning of God’s kingdom. It is only possible to have one with the other.

The Consequences of Deviating from God’s Laws

I’m always amazed at why Christians don’t understand why a government on Earth is to operate based on God’s rule. The Bible is clear—His government runs a certain way. The closer a government is to His government, the more ordered society will be.

Conversely, a government that doesn’t run with His righteousness and justice is further from God’s blessing and will lead to chaos. The basis of righteousness and justice is laws. God says there is only one lawgiver in James 4:12, and every ordinance belongs to Him in Romans 13:1.

The righteousness and justice of a nation are crucial for receiving God’s blessings. Righteousness is God’s standard of right and wrong; every human law should reflect Divine Law. Throughout history, nations have deviated from God’s righteousness and justice, leading to the downfall of civilizations. Satan has played a role in switching the rules and creating chaos in society.

Rulers must study God’s laws and govern according to His divine standards. When a nation legalizes evil and strays from God’s laws, it invites His wrath and judgment. Justice is the equitable application of God’s moral law in society, and rulers are responsible for decreeing justice. A nation must align its laws and their application with God’s righteousness and justice to receive His blessings.

What did Satan tell Eve God? He knows that if you eat the fruit of the tree, you will be able to know good from evil. This accurately reflects our society in America today. Our government is creating its right and wrong, resulting in chaos and a lower standard of life.

According to God’s word, righteousness is the foundation of justice. The government must be founded on God’s righteousness to have true justice in a nation. Righteousness exalts a nation, but evil is a reproach to any people.

God’s righteousness should be our measurement, not our own thoughts or beliefs. If we follow God’s righteousness, the nation will grow better. However, if we rely on our own thinking and create our own government, it will inevitably fail, as history has shown.

Consequences of Unrighteousness

In Romans 1, it is stated that the wrath of God is revealed against all unrighteousness. When a nation operates unrighteously, even if it has voted on unrighteous laws, God’s judgment and wrath will be poured out against that nation. God does not rain down fire and brimstone, but he turns the nation over to itself, withdrawing his guidance and governing. This leads to a life that is chaotic and without God’s presence.

God turned them over to themselves three times in Romans 1, and each time, they rejected the thought of God in their thinking. The worst is when they pass laws that legalize evil. America has been legalizing a lot of evil in recent years, inviting God’s wrath and judgment. If a nation wants God’s blessings, it must align with his righteousness and justice. America has been blessed because it was founded on God’s laws but has been deviating from them.

Justice is the equitable application of God’s moral law in society. It is the responsibility of rulers to decree justice and distribute privileges and penalties in society. When a nation strays from God’s laws and lacks the right application of justice, it invites God’s wrath and faces problems. A nation must align its laws and their application with His righteousness and justice to receive God’s blessings.

Righteousness and Justice

Righteousness and Justice are intertwined. Justice is the impartial and equitable application of God’s moral law in society. It is the standard by which privileges and penalties are distributed. In our government, it is the responsibility of leaders to decree laws and ensure their just application. As a nation, we must have the right laws based on divine principles and the right application of those laws.

Leaving out God’s standards of right and wrong and failing to apply them consistently insults God. We must seek God’s perspective on every matter rather than following the traditions and thoughts of men. Asking what God has to say should always be the first question in politics and our personal lives.

The Bible says wicked rulers decree unjust things, targeting the poor, oppressed, and needy. Men’s justice should reflect God’s justice, not their own thoughts. Justice should be fair according to God’s word. The Bible provides answers to issues like slavery, which are often ignored. Injustice must be addressed, and the church has a role in studying and applying God’s standards of righteousness and justice.

Kings in the Old Testament were commanded to write and study God’s laws to ensure consistent application. God’s laws cover economic, criminal, and social justice. If God’s laws bother you, it’s time to align with Him. All of this is in the Scriptures.

When Christians talk about Sodom and Gomorrah, they often mention its destruction due to moral decay. However, the Book of Ezekiel 16:49-50 reveals that it was not just moral decay but also the nation’s marriage to unjust practices that led to its destruction. This is a lesson that is often overlooked.

One example of God allowing a war, specifically the Civil War in the United States, was due to the nation’s refusal to address injustice. This war was not just a political or social conflict but a theological and spiritual one. It resulted in America straying from its foundation of righteousness based on God’s laws and becoming increasingly unjust.

God’s wrath is poured out against injustice, and if we continue on the path of injustice, our nation will face destruction as a civilization. It is important to understand how God works, why His wrath is poured out, and seek justice consistently and equitably.

The Church’s Role in Justice

We just won’t understand them because you will hear so much of men’s thinking that, as a Christian, you’ve listened to so much of it, you will begin to believe it. After all, you refuse to stand up against it.

I’m trying to say that because of injustice, racism, and evil in this nation, chaos will come into the culture, and God will turn people over to do what is in their hearts. He destroyed the first group of people with a flood because they only thought to do wicked things continually.

Justice is not something you talk about. It is something you have to do. God requires us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him. If we don’t meet His requirements, we won’t help this nation, and His judgment will only worsen. We can’t prevent the wrath of God; whatever we sow, we must reap. We can’t mock God.

There is too much Injustice in the church and our nation. America needs the Jubilee principle from the Book of Luke 4:18-19 to come into effect. The Jubilee requires a day of atonement, where the nation repents and gets right with God. Without atonement, there can be no Jubilee and no justice.

The Civil Rights Movement, like the charismatic movement, was from God. It started with a day of atonement, where the church unified and marched for righteousness and justice. Mercy should also be shown to those affected by Injustice. We need Justice to operate in society again, starting with repentance.

What do you do with people who are indirectly affected and want reparations for past injustices, even though they were born in a time when slavery no longer exists? The Bible says that in the face of injustice, we must show mercy and compassion to those who have been mistreated. We should strive to provide opportunities for the oppressed and address systemic issues such as unjust incarceration and discriminatory banking practices.

History has shown that the needy, poor, and oppressed are the ones who suffer the most injustice. Our responsibility is to seek justice and show mercy to those in need, regardless of their race or category.

Justice and Mercy

We have to show mercy and go beyond what is required to express compassion to those who have been mistreated. God says we must love Mercy and look for opportunities to manifest it in our government. However, we should not throw out Justice in the name of Mercy. We should not forget mercy or those who have experienced the ramifications of injustice. They need extra love and compassion.

James 2:13 tells us that mercy can always override injustice and judgment. If a nation is willing to be merciful, God will hold back judgment. We must become sensitive to injustice and oppression in our nation and work towards rectifying it.

This is why we need righteous politicians who love justice. We must insist on equity and not let the rich or poor off the hook for the same crime. When we see injustice, we should show mercy. Let’s think like God and lead the way in making sure our laws are right. We must dwell and abide in God’s presence.

In closing, let me give you the greatest truth and illustration of righteousness, mercy, and justice: Jesus Christ. Despite being a homeless man facing unjust trials and a wrongful death sentence, He still had the sensitivity to forgive and offer eternal salvation.

This shows that even in unjust treatment, a God of justice and mercy exists. As followers of Christ, we must seek justice for peace in America and forgiveness. The church is responsible for addressing injustice despite efforts to silence its voice in favor of politicians.

When there is repentance to forgive, it unblocks God’s blessings. We must be willing to forgive when someone seeks forgiveness so that we are not blocked when we make our requests known to Him.

May the example of Jesus bring order to society, starting with His church. Let this message encourage you to get right with God, as the first requirement is to be righteous in Him.

Jesus died to transfer His righteousness to us and make us righteous in Him. He took the justice due to us and became our eternal substitute. If we accept Him as our personal Savior and believe in our hearts, we will receive His perfect righteousness and eternal life.

Seeking God’s blessings requires prioritizing righteousness and justice as the foundation of a thriving society. Deviating from these principles leads to chaos and the withdrawal of God’s presence. Join us as we learn how to align our laws and their application with God’s righteousness and justice. Watch the full sermon “Righteousness and Justice” here.

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