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Entering a New Dimension

Apostle Don Meares

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,”

Ephesians 1:3

How do you think God sees His blessing? What could be His perspective? Your perspective might be different from His, but God says that His perspective of blessing you comes with every spiritual blessing. There is a difference between natural blessings and spiritual blessings. God blesses us with spiritual blessings in heavenly places. You might have never perceived this before, but God blesses us in an invisible realm. Heaven is an invisible realm we can’t see with the natural eye, but it’s not that God blesses you in heaven. He blesses you in heavenly places. Take note that this is plural. There are different realms of heavenly places. These realms are in Christ. When we say in Christ, most people think it’s about a person. But the word “Christ” means “anointing.” God blesses us in places, in realms of the anointing, and there are different dimensions in the anointing. If you truly want spiritual blessings from God, that is in a heavenly, invisible place in the anointing of God. Here’s what Ephesians 1:21 tells us: 

“Far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come.”

When we think of principalities, we’re talking about the kingdom of darkness. This verse tells us that we are above all might and all dominion. We are above every name that is named in the kingdom of darkness. Not only now in this age, but also in the age to come. 

When you are in heavenly places, in God’s power and anointing, you can’t be touched. No weapon formed against you can prosper (Isaiah 54:17). You are in such a protected dimension that evil can’t do anything to you. On the other hand, if evil is doing something to you, you aren’t in the right heavenly place. Philippians 3:13 says: 

Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead,”

Whether those things are good or bad, it doesn’t matter because it’s in the past. There’s no need to hold on to any aspect of the past. We must put our focus somewhere else. If we dwell on the past, good or bad, it stops us from moving into the future. To move into the future, you must count certain things as dead. They’re not that important if you want to reach toward what God has in store for you in the future. 

A New Dimension 

Are you ready to enter a new dimension? To reach the season that God wants, we need to go through our doors. The door that God was opening was singular—every person in this church has their own spiritual door, and you are only going to be able to fulfill the times and the season that God wants you to have if you go through your door and move into a higher dimension than you are now. Whatever dimension of spirituality you were in is not good enough for this season. We have to come up higher. We have to enter a new dimension. Be willing to leave the old dimension. Many people can’t live for the future because they’re bogged down with the present and don’t have hope for the future. God is telling us that this is something spiritual. You have to move in your spirit to another realm, a different heavenly place than you are in now. You have to come up higher. 

There are different heavenly places. There are different realms, different dimensions in the spirit, specifically in the realm of the anointing. The word dimension, if you look it up in Webster’s Dictionary, a dimension is a measurement of something in physical space. It has to do with giving measurement. Webster also defines dimensions not just for physical objects but can also describe something that is less tangible such as magnitude or the extent of something that is less tangible such as magnitude or the extent of something. 

In the spiritual sense, the Bible is very clear to say that there are three heavens. Some believe there are as many as seven. But we know at least that there are three—the first heaven is a natural, immediate atmosphere above us. It’s about 20 miles high, and you can see it with your natural eyes. This is not spiritual because you can see it. If it’s spiritual and if it’s a heaven, it’s invisible. The second heaven is where the sun, moon, and stars exist. But in this outer space, there is an unholy, dark, and invisible heaven where Satan and his throne of fallen angels dwell. The third heaven is invisible heaven. This is God’s dwelling place, His throne, and His celestial city. The Bible even says that we are citizens of heaven. It says in Philippians 3:20

“For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,” 

The Apostle Paul says he went to the third heaven and saw things he was not allowed to speak about. He went to a realm in the spirit where he saw a different dimension in the future of things to come. Psalms 149 talks about giving God high praise suggesting that there are lower realms of praise. On the other hand, high praise is something that’s always offered up on high. High praise is not worship. It does not require worship. For something to be classified by God’s perspective as worship, it has to enter a dimension that is in the spirit for it to be worshiped. 

How do you know if you’re in a new dimension in God? You are in a new dimension when you can see and do the unusual, the uncommon, the unexpected, and the unpredictable. Have you moved to that place, a heavenly place in Christ where the enemy cannot curse you, where he cannot rob you of your spiritual inheritance, or where he cannot stop the blessings of God coming into your life? There is this dimension that God wants you to go to where you’re going to be above the attacks of the enemy. It doesn’t mean he’s not going to try and attack you. So if God’s blessings are not coming on you, if you’re not receiving your spiritual inheritance or if you feel cursed, have a spirit of heaviness, or a spirit of depression on you, if you’re carrying around hurts in you, and you still have the mistreatment of others affecting you, that was done to you in the past or that have been done to you lately, you have not entered this dimension. 

All you have to do is go back with what has been said according to the promises that were made. A new dimension is a spiritual place where you have a revelation in your spirit where you actually are seeing where you are going in God and where your ministry is going in God. You are deliberately of choice and discipline. You’re taking your spiritual eyes off of where you’ve been and what’s happening in your circumstances, situations, and you’re putting your spiritual eyes on what God wants you to see now because He wants to take you someplace. If this is not happening to you, there is a need for you to go through your door. This means you are not yet in your dimension. 

Walk Through Your Door

The new dimension is where you will receive a completely revived spirit. This means you’re alive, full of energy, rejoicing, and celebrating. There is a reviving in this dimension. It changes your outlook, and your moods, and you see things differently. Not only would you want to celebrate God but you sense that something is happening. There’s a new sound that’s coming out of your spirit and you’ve got to release that new sound in your life, in the atmosphere. There is an anointing, a place in Christ, a power that you’re reaching toward and coming into. 

When you deliberately walk through your door, it is a place you haven’t been to before. This is where God wants to show you His power, splendor, and glory. It’s a dimension where God has called you to do specific works at this time. But you have to consider that all of this is conditional. It’s an individual door. It’s not corporate. It’s your personal door that will take you into this dimension that God has set before you. 

Don’t refuse what God has required of you at this time. Do what God is commanding you this season. As a part of God’s family, you are a laborer in God’s harvest fields. God has enlisted you at this specific time by God to bring people to the church together. 

To do this, you must allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. Don’t try to do it in your own wisdom. Don’t think of it as a hit or miss. Let the Holy Spirit tell you who He wants. He may shock you by naming somebody. Though it might seem impossible, follow the Holy Spirit. If He tells you a family person, if He tells you a co-worker, if He shows you an enemy, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Talk to the people that He wants, not who you want. You have to persuade and convince them to come to the church gathering and then watch what the Holy Spirit will do to them. Watch. See how He will draw them by His Spirit. See how He will minister and bless them. Don’t just be a hearer, be a doer. If you’re not entering your door to enter this dimension, it could be because you’re violating or are being rebellious to some of the things He’s asking and requiring. 

You should be endued with power. If you don’t have the power to do this, you need to ask God for it. But if you’re not willing and obedient to do it, why should He give you the power? Everything will change if we do what He wants us to do. Let us remember Matthew 5:13

 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”

You’ve got to be light, you can’t be hidden under a basket. You’ve got to be a light set on a hill. You’ve got to be salt that influences taste so that you can taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). If we want God to come and dwell with us in revival, this is what it will take to make this happen. 

You are to expect unexpected victories. To obtain this, you have to go into warfare. But you don’t have to worry about the battle in this new dimension. You can’t be touched. So you’re not just going to win battles, but you’re going to experience unexpected victories. You’re going to be in an atmosphere, a dimension where you’re having such an encounter with God, and He’s changing your personality in a way that people will say that you’re no longer the same but someone who has a new pep to their step, a new shine, and a new glow. 

Get Ready for Change

Are we ready to change whatever we have to change if it requires sacrifice? Are you ready to make a change for your children, for you? You just can’t stay in the same place all your life. 

The first thing that happens in a revival is repentance. If you’re hungry and thirsty for God, you will always find yourself repenting. If revival is truly going to break out, you don’t need to stay in the same mold. You have to believe God before you witness what He’s going to do. So stop refusing to go through your door. 

God wants you to come into a dimension where you can be debt-free, disease-free, and destiny-free. It is a dimension where God wants to show you signs, wonders, and mighty deeds. It is a dimension where God wants you to hear something, where God wants to release something to you. God is interfering with your habits, routines, schedules, and things that you think may be too inconvenient for you. Let’s get revived! Let’s move toward what God is saying to us, no matter the cost. 

Everything God wants us to do is to prepare ourselves for Him coming to us in revival so that we can properly prepare ourselves for His coming back to earth. This will be a dimension where there will be some people that have to be taken out of your life because they’re not going where you’re going. Your door leads to access and movement in God. To get there, you have to fast. You have to pray. You have to celebrate. You have to become a true worshiper. Go from doing to being. 

This dimension just doesn’t happen. It requires asking for revival. It requires you to seek revival. Your heart and spirit have to be ignited by the Holy Spirit, and you are consumed with the fire of God shot up in your bones. It’s a dimension where your spirit, soul, and body come into a unity of purpose to serve the Lord with all of your spirit, soul, and mind with all of your strength. If you move higher into this new dimension, you will not become a mere doer in worship. You will live a lifestyle of worship. 

How do you enter this new dimension? By moving up higher in the Spirit through fasting and prayer. Only in this dimension can you impart and impact the next generation. How do we do this? First, we have to humble ourselves. The quickest and the best way to humble yourself is to fast and pray. 

If we do what God tells us, He will release angelic assistance in this dimension. God said He would stop the revolving door we’ve had for 67 years. He will transform your character and allow us to release our content. God said only in this dimension will you not sacrifice pretense but move in true, lively, and acceptable praise and worship to Him. Only in this dimension of revival will we enter into a new spiritual territory where we can manage dimensional changes in prayer. Only in this dimension of revival will you say with your mouth what you see with your spirit. Only in this dimension of revival can God prepare you for the things you cannot explain. God wants you to understand that He’s not obligated to produce resources for you where He is not the source of your life. You have to seek His Kingdom first. In this dimension, He will raise up apostles and prophets who will not compromise or yield on the necessity of reaping the harvest of souls since the harvest is ripe. In this dimension, God will expose the rebellion of those who are not faithful laborers in His vineyard. In this dimension, only those who do His will won’t suffer or lack during times of shortages. If we do His will, God will supply our needs supernaturally. 

To enter this new dimension, you have to personally tap into the unseen and make it seen. In this dimension of revival, you have to be ready to do the impossible. God has already decided what He’s going to do. God has already established His plan. You just need to plug into what He wants to do. And if we refuse to do what He wants, He will just move over us and find someone else. God has plans for you to prosper and receive the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. To enter something new, you have to leave something old. You can’t stay in the past if you want to come up higher. You must make a decision. You must come into the dimension God has for you. It’s time to make a choice. 


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