How to Get Ready for Heaven

Pastor Erik Meares

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”
–Matthew 6:33

In a world filled with distractions and fleeting pursuits, we must pause and reflect on our ultimate destination – Heaven. As we navigate our journey here on Earth, the urgency to prepare ourselves for eternity becomes evident. Many are not ready for Heaven, and even more, are oblivious to the impending changes about to hit our world. However, we have the opportunity to be prepared, not just to make it to Heaven, but to arrive there with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. We need to know the importance of living for eternal things, cherishing every moment, and making a lasting impact on those around us. It’s time to set our attention and affection toward God and embrace the significance of each passing moment, understanding that how we live now will shape our eternity. Life has a way of teaching us the importance of putting first things first. And there is a power in seeking God’s Kingdom —our Kingdom —above all else.

Are you really seeking the Kingdom of God?

There are a lot of Christians who want to live a better life. But it seems they’re not going anywhere because they don’t know what to do first. When you ask, “How’s your Christian life going?” They might answer, “Well, I think it’s nothing different from the world. It’s hard. The devil’s been running over me, beating me down. I don’t feel the blessing. Life is hard.”

If you’re feeling or thinking like this, ask, “Am I seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness?”

Imagine this scenario: You’re on a plane, and the flight attendants demonstrate the safety procedures. Among them, they emphasize the importance of putting on your own oxygen mask first before assisting others. It’s a powerful metaphor for life. So, here’s a thought-provoking question: Are you truly seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Think of it as putting on that life-saving oxygen mask for your soul. We often find ourselves eager to help and support others, but we neglect our well-being. It’s like running around, offering oxygen masks to those in need, while we forget to secure our own. We can explore the profound truth behind this analogy and discover how prioritizing our spiritual journey empowers us to be a source of genuine help and inspiration to others.

Some might settle for less than God’s best for their lives. Despite being dearly loved by God and having access to His abundant promises, many Christians are content only with “manna in the wilderness” moments, mistaking them for ultimate blessings. However, there is so much more in store for us. The key to unlocking God’s unparalleled blessings is simple yet profound: seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary life God has designed for you? It’s time to set our hearts on seeking Him above all else because we find blessings beyond measure
in His presence. When we seek Him first, we’ll discover that He lavishes us with pleasures forevermore, blessings that will leave us astonished, overwhelmed, and blessed beyond our wildest imagination.

Whoever said that it’s not worthwhile to serve God doesn’t serve God. If these people claim to be Christians, they have backslidden, and they don’t seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. If you’re bored in your walk with God, you are backslidden. You cannot be bored if you truly seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. All the things you need will be added to you, and your life will be like those who know their God. They will be strong and do exploits. When you’re doing exploits, you won’t be bored. If you’re a Christian and don’t do exploits, are you really seeking the Kingdom of God first?

God puts value in seeking His Kingdom. During Jesus’ time here on Earth, He talked about things about the Kingdom of God. When it comes to the deep mysteries of the Kingdom of God, there are those who receive divine insights and revelations, like a sacred download from Heaven. These precious revelations are not accessible to everyone, but are reserved for those who are truly dedicated to their Heavenly Father’s business. Mere religious activities won’t be enough. It’s about aligning our hearts and actions with the divine purpose. Just as Jesus Himself spoke about the things of the Kingdom of God, we are called to delve into the depths of His teachings and walk in His ways. As we seek His Kingdom, we anticipate even greater revelations and experiences that will draw us closer to our Savior and His eternal plans. We must be eager to be about our Father’s business.

Set your eyes on eternity

After His resurrection and before ascending into Heaven, Jesus graciously shared profound insights concerning the Kingdom of God. As we journey through life, it’s crucial to grasp the ultimate truth that the only thing of lasting significance will be what we did for eternity. Imagine, as we draw our final breath, all that will truly matter is the impact we made on the Kingdom of God. This is why we need to open our hearts to receive God’s guidance and empowerment. Our lives should be marked by a relentless pursuit of eternal purposes, continually impacting the Kingdom of God until our race is completed. We must embrace divine transformation, for right now, our course and direction are being recalibrated to align with His divine plan. He will enable us to walk with renewed passion and dedication through His grace, leaving a lasting legacy that glorifies His name.

Jesus’s teachings on the Kingdom of God were discussed in pivotal chapters in the Gospels, including Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20 and 21, and Acts 1. These passages hold the essence of seeking first the Kingdom of God, a concept often misunderstood and reduced to mere symbols like fish bumper stickers or anointing oil. True seeking involves delving into the Word and understanding His commandments. Jesus spoke passionately about eternal matters, urging His followers to prioritize the Kingdom of God above all else.

In our pursuit of the Kingdom, we must remain unapologetic about the anointing of God in our lives. When the presence of God reveals itself, some may flee, but we should note such reactions. It signals a disconnect with the depth of seeking the Kingdom and highlights the need for introspection and alignment with His purposes. Rather than settling for superficial displays, we must delve into the Scriptures, where Jesus’s words resonate deeply. Seeking first the Kingdom of God demands a genuine transformation of heart and a fervent commitment to walking in His ways.

In Luke 24:45 says, “And He opened their understanding, that they might comprehend the Scriptures.” Jesus emphasizes the importance of understanding the Scriptures and the necessity of preaching repentance and remission of sins in His name to all nations. To carry out this divine mission effectively, Jesus instructs His followers to wait in Jerusalem to be “endued with power from on high (Luke 24:49).” This power, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, is not a mere concept or idea but a tangible and essential element for believers. Without this divine empowerment, one cannot fully grasp the true essence of the Kingdom of God. As a believer, I am convinced that aligning our hearts with the Kingdom requires a relentless pursuit of the Holy Spirit’s power and an unwavering commitment to be His witnesses in this world. Without such power, the impact of our lives and ministry may be limited, and we risk missing the fullness of God’s divine plan for us.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we must recognize that selfishness has no place in our hearts once we are born again and filled with His Spirit. The world needs the power of God, and it is our responsibility to bring that power to them. The Apostle Paul, in 1 Corinthians 2, emphasizes the essence of our message: Jesus Christ and Him crucified. When our focus deviates from this central truth, we risk losing the anointing and resorting to fleshly hype. The anointing itself does not require hype – it works in the streets, transforming lives. We must hold steadfast to the message of the cross, for at Calvary, Jesus accomplished everything we need. We do not need elaborate rituals or generational curse breakers. Everything was finished at the cross. Our preaching should not rely on men’s wisdom but demonstrate God’s Spirit and power. Through this power, we can effectively reach our generation and anchor their faith in God’s power rather than human wisdom.

Fear is not merely a chemical imbalance. It is a spiritual battle that the power and love of God can overcome. The garment of praise has been given to replace the spirit of heaviness, but many seek natural remedies instead of trusting in God’s provision. We risk losing a generation to disbelief and cursing by pointing people to human solutions. God’s power is available through His Kingdom, surpassing any human wisdom. When we experience the true power of God, there’s no need for further explanation. Lives can be transformed, and faith can be anchored in the eternal perspective. Seeking first the Kingdom of God is not just an idea; it is the key to tapping into God’s limitless power and witnessing His transformative work.

It is evident that those who do not know the power of God do not truly know God. In 1 Corinthians 4, Paul confronts those who boast in mere words but lack the demonstration of God’s power. The Kingdom of God is not about empty talk. It is about the manifestation of His power. Seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness means embracing the transformative power of Jesus’ Name. Anointing and seeking God’s Kingdom go hand in hand, but many desire more without truly understanding the purpose of that power. Simply seeking the Kingdom in Word is not enough. We must know and experience the true power of God to genuinely seek His Kingdom above all else.

Understanding the true essence of seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is crucial for every believer. Jesus emphasized the importance of power when He spoke to His disciples after the resurrection and before ascending to Heaven. The power of God is not merely for personal gain or self-gratification – it is meant to empower believers to be effective witnesses of the Gospel. We must recognize that the Kingdom of God is not in mere words but in the demonstration of His power in our lives.

Those of us who claim to follow Jesus understand that we are called to imitate Him and be endued with the Holy Spirit’s power. The power we receive is not for self-promotion or self-glory, but to carry out the mission of Christ. Our lives should mirror Jesus’ example of being baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire, moving in power, preaching the Gospel, and making disciples. Following Christ means continually seeking His leading, being empowered by His anointing, and having a heart for the lost. The key to fulfilling our purpose on Earth lies in seeking first the Kingdom of God, walking in His power, and impacting others with the Gospel.

Let us embrace the call to seek first the Kingdom of God and be vessels of His power in this world. By following Jesus wholeheartedly, we can become powerful witnesses and true disciples, bringing glory to God and impacting lives for eternity. May we always remain connected to Jesus, allowing His anointing to flow through us, and boldly proclaiming the Gospel to a world in need of His saving grace.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, let us fulfill our purpose on Earth and leave a lasting legacy that honors our Savior, Jesus Christ. Watch the full sermon here:

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