Heaven’s Gate

Let me define the word favor from a biblical perspective! Favor means God stepping into one’s situation – to make a worthwhile difference! Favor is not a feeling and it’s not something to earn! It’s a gift, a blessing from the Lord! Finding favor means – gaining approval – acceptance – or special benefits – or blessings! There is also a close association among favor – grace and mercy! Psalm 84:11 – NIV says – For the Lord God is a sun and shield – the Lord bestows favor and honor – no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless! In Genesis 6:8 – the Bible says – but Noah – found grace – in they eyes of the Lord! When you have God’s favor – you are flowing in God’s grace!

Please get this – Grace – is the empowering presence of God – that enables us to be what God has called us to be – and to do – what God has called us to do!

Apostle David Longobardo said – God wants to do three things at Evangel:

1. He wants us to be debt free – he said that 81 people were to be debt free – by this time next year July 10, 2023!
2. He wants us to be Disease Free!
3. He wants us to be Destiny Free – meaning loose from anything that is holding us back from fulfilling our Individual and our Corporate Purpose.

It’s time to come up higher! We cannot remain where we have been – we must close the doors of the past – good or bad – to enter the New Door – that God wants us to go through now!

Now – we have had four Sundays – that God has spoken to us through Apostolic and Prophetic voices – that God sent to us on assignment! And we must hear and understand what they said – and then we must do – willingly and obediently – what God has told us to do – through them – until we see the results or manifestation! And the Lord has told me to break down what they said – according to TIMES – SEASONS – and DIMENSIONS!

People always prophecy over someone – that they are in a new season – but never tell them the specifics of what that new season involves! And you need to grasp the many different aspects of your new season – that they are conditional upon your doing what God requires of you in this season! Not being so foolish as to think that God is going to do everything all by Himself – and you just have to sit back and wait for Him to do it! No – No – No – we must be hearers and doers because faith without works is dead – or you will miss out on what God wanted to do for you and through you! So let’s be clear – let’s be specific! What is this season that we are in – be specific and clear!

1. You are in a Season – of Favor!
2. You are in a Season – of Suddenly Miracles!
3. You are in a Season – of the Unusual – the Uncommon – the Unexpected – and the Unpredictable!
4. You are in a Season – of God pouring out His Grace upon you – IF – you will humble yourself before Him!
5. You are in a Season – of God pouring out blessings on you!
6. You are in a Season – of receiving God’s inheritance!
7. And you are in a Season – of reaping harvests – IF – you will sow!

But that’s not all – you are in a Season that Satan wants to do certain – specific – things to you! What does he want to do to you?

1. He wants to curse your future! Especially your children!
2. He wants to rob you of your inheritance!
3. And he wants to short circuit – or stop – the flow of Favor and Blessings in your life!

Therefore we must understand it’s a dual season – a season of great favor and blessing – but at the same time – a Season of a specific kind of spiritual warfare! So – the question is who is going to win? What is going to happen to you?
To have a season of Favor – Suddenly Miracles – Unusual – Uncommon – Unexpected – and Unpredictable things happen to us – His Grace on us – the Season of His blessings on us – and reaping our inheritance and harvests – is completely conditional upon us doing what God has told us to do!
God is requiring you – in this Season –

1. Not to be distracted by the irrelevant.
2. To stay focused – even if you’ve been hurt by someone or something.
3. If you have been mistreated – you have to remain committed to your assignment and you have to deal with disappointment – not allowing discouragement and feelings dominate you! You must obey the Word of the Lord in this Season!

What is God requiring us to hear – and to do – and make happen? God says He is coming to bring us into Revival and dwell among us BUT – we have to be ready! What do we have to do to be ready? And this is His word – he has brought to us – through Bishop Ellis – Apostle Longobardo – Prophet Justin Meares – Prophetess Norman – and Archbishop Williams – for this Season! Are you ready to hear it – and then DO it?

1. We have to fast for Revival on Saturdays 6 am – 6 pm!
2. We have to pray for Revival individually, continually or daily and pray for Revival corporately on Saturdays at 8 am.
3. On the Lords Day, on Sunday, we have to bring people and God will get them born again!

Last Sunday 7/24, you just didn’t do what you said you would do! Only about five to eight people were brought by you to the gathering. The other 20 came through Prophetess Norman letting people know she would be speaking at Heaven’s Gate! We have been assigned by God to fill all of this floor up – 800 people – by October 11th – to take this wall down! Are you willing to do more than just hear it but to obediently do it?

We have to create on the Lord’s Day – a new sound of praise with an intensity of celebration that we do not have now!

How do we do that? First – God gave us a time to be here on the Lord’s day. Do you remember what Prophet Ellis said? 15 minutes before service begins! That means 9:45 am! You don’t remember – listen to the message God gave him for us again! Or, are you going to obey or be disobedient? Again – 15 minutes – to get another mindset – so we can create a new sound and intensity of celebration!

Then we must be ready to sacrifice! Give God a sacrifice of Joy – especially if you don’t have any – bring Him a sacrifice of Thanksgiving until you become thankful – and give him a sacrifice of praise – in his courts – until can give him a sacrifice of a broken and contrite spirit – and literally – give the Holy Spirit your body as a living sacrifice – on
the Lord’s Day – to cause a well to spring up inside of you until it becomes a spring of living waters – until it then becomes a river – gushing out of your spirit! Where you are not just singing with your understanding – but you are singing with your spirit – expecting God to show up – celebrating Him – before anything happens!

This finally brings us to God’s fifth requirement in this new Season – and that is to move into worshipping Him – for Him – and not for what you want from Him! God seeks worshippers in this Season – just to praise Him is not enough – He is requiring worshippers! But here is where we have a major problem with a lot of us! In the past you haven’t been willing and obedient to do what God requires of you! Out of 550 people – only 125 people showed up for Corporate Prayer and Fasting!

Hearers but not doers – deceiving themselves! Do you really believe that God is going to give you all the great things He has promised you in this new Season without you doing his requirements? It will never happen!

550 people – we brought 5-8 people last Sunday! How many of the 550 showed up at 9:45 am – that God required of us since July 3rd? Are you waiting on God to do something? Revelation – He is waiting on you – so He can do what He said He would do – but it’s conditional on your obeying His requirements!

Let me illustrate it to you by God’s heavenly Temple – that the Tabernacle of Moses was made after according to the pattern! So, this is His Temple in heaven! Let me give you that path that the scriptures clearly teaches us – that you must take to come into the Holy of Holies and become a worshipper!

You must first come before his presence with singing! Second, you must enter His Gates with thanksgiving – then you walk through the courtyard – until you come to the Altar of Sacrifice – this is where as a priest unto God you give Him the 5 spiritual sacrifices of the new covenant – then you walk down the courtyard until you come to the Laver – which is the Washing of the Water of the Word – then you walk until you come to the curtain doors – Access – and Movement – through a standing door – on the right is the table of shew bread – which is hidden manna – for us today – a Rhema – a Revelation to us – then to your left is the Candlestick – which has 7 lights by oil – inside the Holy Place you see – not by the sunlight – as in the courtyard – but you are now seeing by the light of the 7 spirits of the Holy Spirit – then walking in front of these two pieces of furniture you come to another altar – the Altar of Incense – which for us is the Altar of Pray – and Worship – when performed – transports us by the Spirit – into the Holy of Holies – where God’s throne is – the Mercy Seat – and here we see not by daylight or Oil – but by God’s power – splendor – and Glory! By the Shekinah Glory of God Himself! It is where the deep calls for the deep – where the iron sharpens iron – it is where God reveals to us Himself – and we are changed from glory to glory! The problem is – we try to go straight to the washing of the water of the word – the preaching or teaching – because we don’t honor – or respect God enough on His day – to come on time – to follow His path – to do it His way! Or – we try and go around the gate – the Courtyard – the Altar of Sacrifice – the Laver – the Door into the Holy Place – we try to go around the Table of Shewbread or hidden manna – the Candlestick – the Ministry of the Holy Spirit to us – we even try to avoid The Altar of Incense – pray and worship – and try to go straight into the Holy of Holies! How dare you treat the King of Kings – and the Lord of Lords – in such a despicable way – on the Lord’s Day! You believe you are more important than He is on His day! How dare you! You must be willing and obedient IF you are going to eat the fat of the Land! The prophet said that God’s ways are higher than your ways and His thoughts are higher than your thoughts! You need to ask God’s forgiveness and repent! Your heart is hard hearted – and only if you start doing it God’s way – can God give to you – the SEASON – that He wants you to have! Allow Judah – Praise to plow up your fallow ground – and commit yourself to God’s way of doing things – on the Lord’s Day – and not yours!