God´s Debt-Free Plan (Part 1)

Apostle Don Meares

God has called us into a “suddenly” season to have ownership in our lives. But you cannot have ownership in any specific area in your life if you don´t own it. If God has called us in this season to have ownership, the only thing that can prevent ownership for. God wants to move suddenly to remove all of your debt in a supernatural, miraculous way. God is out to set you free from the spirit of debt.

We can compare our debts to Goliath, the Philistine giant slain by Davis (1 Samuel 17).
We must understand that “Goliath” was the name the Hebrews gave him, which means to make nude or naked. The literal meaning of the word “Goliath” is the one who takes captives and strips them naked. The Hebrews found themselves after they had come under de control of this giant in that he had taken his captives and he would strip them until they were naked. The name Goliath perfectly describes how the spirit of debt affects its victims, and it must be defeated because it has come to feed not only on the resources you should own but also on your dreams.

Many believers don´t comprehend that debt is a controlling spirit whose only purpose is to turn you into an enslaved person. Proverbs 22:7 teaches us, “The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower is servant to the lender.” If you are a borrower, you have become a servant to the lender. It´s not wrong to borrow, but if you are a borrower, you are answerable to your lender.

The Biblical account of David´s victory over the giant contains an extraordinary truth that we can use as a foundation to get a hold of God´s debt-free guarantee.