Every child is a gift from God and we thank God for every child that has been born to every wonderful mother. This Mother’s Day, we want to encourage all the mothers to keep contending for their children’s God-given destiny. 

We’re going to take a look into the lives of 3 amazing mothers in the Bible who displayed their exemplary faith in God and it is our prayer that you too would be greatly inspired to keep the faith and to press on as a mother chosen by God to do His will and purpose for your life and for your family.

  1. Jochebed, Moses’ mother ( Exodus 2:1-10 , Exodus 6:20)

Moses was called before the foundations of the world to be a great deliverer but before all of that happened, he was born under a decree of death. All of the boys were supposed to be killed because Pharaoh issued a decree that He wanted all the children to be murdered. Moses was supposed to die but His mother looked at him and saw that he was a godly child. God gave Jochebed the tenacity to be resourceful and she hid Moses to protect him. She even made a little ark and put Moses in there when he was too big to hide and she set it out in the Nile River.

We need to understand that the devil wants to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10) and every mother is called to protect her children from whatever is coming against them and out there to take their life. Just like what God did for Jochebed, God will also give mothers wisdom and insight on how to hide their children from harm. He can even use other people to help your children, just like how God used Pharaoh’s daughter. God can touch someone’s heart and make a way for your children where there seems to be no way in the area that they need it.

And even when you child blows it, God will come looking for them just like how God set up a meeting with Moses. Don’t give up on your child when they make a mistake. God goes after the one that goes the wrong way and brings them back. Don’t count them out. God can bring them back.

  1.  The Woman of Cana ( Matthew 15:22)

This woman had a daughter who was grievously vexed by the devil. She came to Jesus and asked Him to heal her daughter but Jesus did not say a word to her. Even the disciples were asking Jesus to send her away. But she wasn’t offended. Instead, she kept on pleading. She was very desperate and wouldn’t leave until God delivered her daughter. And what did Jesus do? He praised her because of her great faith and healed her daughter! 

Do you also feel that somehow your child or children are under the tormenting power of the devil? Know this: God can free your children through the power of the Holy Spirit! And when your child needs help and other people don’t help you, don’t be offended. If people don’t share the same faith as yours and they don’t encourage you concerning your child’s situation, don’t get upset and angry. Follow what this woman of Cana did — she was PERSISTENT until her daughter was delivered! Never give up! Worship God and He will give you the Word that will pull your children out of anything that they’re in.

  1.  The Great Shunammite Woman ( 2 Kings 4:8-37)

God thought this woman was a great person. But what was so great about this woman? This woman had a spiritual perception of spiritual things and although it was not mentioned, this is probably one reason why God considered her great. Not only did she perceive spiritual things, the Bible also says that she constrained the man of God to come and eat at her house. She provided food for Elisha, a prophet of God. She didn’t only just provide water for him, she cooked for him, and it must have been good because Elisha kept coming back. She even provided a place for him and cared for the man of God. But this woman had no child of her own, and her husband was too old. 

She hasn’t been able to conceive a child but because she served the man of God, God granted her a child! Her desire to be a mother finally came true! God saw her and rewarded her. And even when her child died, God performed a great miracle for this mother who was steadfast in coming to God for her son’s life and God raised her son back to life! Nothing is indeed impossible with God to those who believe! This great Shunammite woman showed how faith and persistence can move God to intervene in your children’s lives.  

May the stories of these 3 mothers inspire you to live a life of faith. Know that God loves you and that God appreciates you. If you are downtrodden with your children, God promises that He will lift you up and encourage you. Let your faith arise and believe that God can and will meet every need of your child. Even if you’re going through a lot, know that God will bring every promise concerning your family into completion. God will see you through.